The Legend of Grim and Havelock

16 05 2013

Year Three have been learning about the legend of Grim and Havelock. It tells the story of how Grimsby got it’s name.



4 responses to “The Legend of Grim and Havelock”

    16 05 2013
      Gosia (21:27:28) :     Reply

    I like the legend and the presentation. Your drawings are so nice and colourful. Bravo!

    17 05 2013
      taylor fretwell (21:22:13) :     Reply

    Cool slide show Mr Libera I especially liked the opening to it.

    28 05 2013
      George holcombe (09:19:44) :     Reply

    I love the art but Jac you did some artistic work that was.

    28 05 2013
      George holcombe (17:55:41) :     Reply

    I love your drawing Jac it was great.

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