Our play about the Legend of Grim

17 05 2013

This is a play performed by Year Three. It tells the story of Grim, Havelock and Grimsby.



4 responses to “Our play about the Legend of Grim”

    17 05 2013
      taylor fretwell (21:33:59) :     Reply

    Megan was fantastic a Mr Libera my favourite bit was when lewis gave a big smile at the camera

    17 05 2013
      Gosia (22:14:09) :     Reply

    Bravo for all actresses and actors! Next week after teachers meeting in France I will show this play to my pupils. I’m sure they will enjoy it.

    28 05 2013
      George holcombe (08:21:44) :     Reply

    Jasmine you had a really good expression on your face and Morgan just needed to have more practise.

    10 06 2013
      Adam Hogg (17:16:31) :     Reply

    I really liked the performance because you we’re all in time

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