UK Visit

18 03 2016

imageUK visit report
The visit in the UK was successful. The training that took place consisted of:
ICT Training – Immersive Space.
Staff Training – Transferring Practise.
Staff Training – Classroom Based Technology & Enquiry Walk through- ICT Training.
I hope the Erasmus+ visitors had a great experience with the given training, our staff learned a lot from the training too.
The project meeting held was efficient and issues discussed were solved very quickly. The skype session was great to involve others in the project that were not present.
I hope the visitors were happy with their accommodation and we felt it necessary to pick up our Erasmus + guests because of the location of the school – (I hope everyone was happy with this)

Overall we had a great time and loved hosting the visit.
(it may be an idea to ask the other teachers from the project what they thought of the visit and any part that could be improved)
I would love their feedback too.

Anna Rytting UK